Forced into a ‘TickBox’: an Acceptable Method of Gaslighting?

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Forced into a ‘TickBox’: an Acceptable Method of Gaslighting?, 2023

Original artwork

Displayed UK-wide on digital and printed billboards, Jan – Feb 2023 as part of The Gallery, Season 2 ‘The State We’re In’. 

The Gallery is conceived by Martin Firrell and produced by Artichoke in partnership with the out-of-home industry. 

Artwork description

Cattle fodder, pigswill, ready and waiting to feed ‘The System’. Hugh Malyon’s multiplied body, shrunken, exposed, neglected and manipulated tightly into a sardine tin, portrays the direct impact of ableism and intersectional discrimination. This represents being squeezed into a TickBox with all care, compassion and empathy stripped away.

Maybe it is easier to conform and silently cram ourselves into sardine tins? Some have no choice! Repeating narratives of disabled bodies having to ‘fit the stereotype, have the same needs, desire only to be fixed’, perpetuates an exhausting soul-sapping system – both the symptom and cause of The State We're In.


Print description

Prints are A2 size, produced on high quality 230gsm smooth matt paper. Printed, hand trimmed and packed with care in Manchester, UK.